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Dear Friends of The Overlook House,


I am writing to let you know of my difficult decision to close The Overlook House.  


I continue to believe 1000% that sober living is an essential component on the continuum of care for addiction treatment.  Over the last four years, this conviction was only solidified by the majority of clients at The Overlook House for whom our program helped to keep their sobriety in the number one spot during that critical first year and beyond.


I also know that the model of services that we offered was successful, not because we were a ‘luxury’ level house, but because the program, accountability, and community allowed clients to make real and lasting connections that helped them shift their mindsets and habits.  Our head recovery coach, Robbie Grant, was instrumental in implementing the program and pivoting with me as challenges arose.  Robbie’s dedication to each client and building fellowship is why our vibrant alumni community still meets and actively supports each other.


It’s tempting to point to the many external factors over the last few years that made it difficult to maintain a pipeline of private-pay clients.  However, those outside challenges just obscure the real and personal reasons that I decided to close The Overlook House.  As many of you know, this was my first endeavor in recovery services, and as a sole proprietor, the emotional and financial responsibility and risk built up over time.  

I am so grateful to all of you-- especially those who set aside any skepticism of my ‘newbie’ status and offered me your insights to help me get my footing in this field.  Thank you to everyone who guided, encouraged, and trusted me.  I hope to speak with you soon!


Thank you for being with me on this journey,

Ian Grimm

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